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Luxury GFaceMD Medical Facials

All Luxury Medical GFaceMD Facials include:


Luxury GFaceMD Medical Facials

All Luxury Medical GFaceMD Facials include:



Beach Facial

Replenish dehydrated sun-exposed skin with soothing moisture infused treatment. Your hands and arms will be treated to a coconut scrub to reveal fresh exfoliated skin.

Vitamin Sea Facial

Fight free radicals with a treatment swimming in Vitamin C and Collagen producing ingredients. Relax and rejuvenate your skin under a luxurious cold modeling mask.

GFaceMD Moisture Surge Facial

Since our skin is the last organ to receive water, this treatment will focus on replenishing the skin with complete hydration. Products incorporated in the treatment will include GFaceMD hyaluronic acid serum and Biotherapy cream. Exfoliation method would be dermaplaning in order for deeper product penetration.

GFaceMD DETOX Facial

Using a lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid peel alternative, this treatment helps unearth impactions leaving the complexion purified and clear. I would use your Biocellulose Rejuvenation mask to end the facial. Perfect for an acne prone skin or skin in need of purification.


GFaceMD Lighten and Brighten Facial

Utilizing the GFaceMD brighten up products, this treatment targets unwanted pigmentation and dullness. The finishing mask will be a Vitamin C peel away marine mask. Perfect for those dark spots and skin in need of overall rejuvenation.

Intermediate Peel

  • Stronger than the Universal Peel
  • Combination of 8 acids but in stronger concentrations
  • Flaking and peeling will occur
  • Gorgeous results
ONLY indicated for lighter skin tones (Fitz 1-3 only)




Down for a peel yet don’t want down time? This express treatment is a perfect option for a quick light exfoliation. Suitable for the most sensitive skin types. Addresses dark spots and reduces inflammation. Your skin will be left smooth and glowing!

*Add a customized mask for $50


Eliminate unwanted break outs with this action-packed treatment. A Salicylic Acid peel is applied to dissolve pore clogging debris. Manual extractions are performed prior to high frequency which will disinfect the skin.

*Add a customized mask for $50


Get your skin ready for the red carpet!! Get that GLOW for a special weekend, date night, girls’ night out, or just because you want to pamper yourself. A Light Lactic acid peel will rejuvenate your glow, clear the complexion, lightly exfoliate, and even unwanted pigment.

*Add a customized mask for $50


Take a break from the screen and pamper your eye area with a relaxing massage, followed by 24K gold eyes masks to replenish hydration, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and eliminate swelling. GFaceMD products to nourish and hydrate the delicate skin and lashes will complete the treatment.

*Combine with Lip Service for $165 total
*Add a customized mask for $50


Our lips need exfoliation and nourishment. After a polishing, relax under a 24-karat- gold lip mask to re-plump, reduce wrinkles, and redefine the lips. GFaceMD lip plump finishes off the treatment leaving your lips rosy and smooth.

*Combine with Lip Service for $165 total
*Add a customized mask for $50


Add-on GFaceMD Luxuries

Hand/Arm Exfoliation Massage

Therapeutic coconut scrub to remove dead skin cells, warm compresses for soothing, massage, and GFaceMD firming finishing cream.
A la carte $45/Add on $30

High Frequency

Perfect for acne-prone, sensitive skin, to disinfect and decrease the occurrence of breakouts. It minimizes an existing blemish and penetrates product deeper into the skin. This unique treatment includes a cleansing, finishes with application of GFaceMD medical serums and moisturizers.
A la carte $45

Eye Recovery Treatment

Orbital massage, application of Gold collagen eye pads, and GFaceMD luxury eye cream to finish.
A la carte $85/Add on $48

Lip Recovery Treatment

Coconut scrub to exfoliate, application of 24-karat-gold lip mask to plump and hydrate.
A la carte $75/Add on $45

GFaceMD Biocellulose Recovery Mask

Cleansing and application of the mask to replenish, rejuvenate, and hydrate the skin. GFaceMD products will be applied to aid in further moisturization.
A la carte $75 in office/$45 take home treatment

Specialty Peel-Away Mask

This add-on treatment can finish any treatment to remove impurities, sooth the skin, and leave the skin hydrated, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pricing Sheets

At GFaceMD, we specialize in self-neutralizing, medical-grade Chemical peels. With the lower strength peels, there is zero downtime and minimal to no obvious peeling. The stronger chemical peels have 5-7 days of downtime.

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