Submental fullness, also known as a “double chin,” is a common facial aesthetic condition that can lead an older and heavier appearance of the face. Affecting both men and women, submental fullness can be caused by genetic predisposition, age, and weight gain.

The active ingredient in KYBELLA™ is deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in the body that is involved in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

KYBELLA™ is injected into the fat beneath your chin and causes local destruction, or “cytolysis” of fat cells. Once destroyed, the cell can no longer store fat.



KYBELLA™ is administered by injections into the fat under the chin. The treatments are customized for each individual patient. In clinical trials, the average dose given was approximately 4 to 6 mL per treatment session, and each person should expect 2-4 treatments, no less than 4 weeks apart. Each session lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.

In clinical trials, patients reported improvement in the visual and emotional impact of submental fat, particularly when asked how happy, bothered, self-conscious, embarrassed, old and overweight they felt following treatment in relation to the amount of their submental fat.

Body KYBELLA™ can be used to remove fat in the following areas

Want to eliminate that unwanted fat? Kybella is your answer!

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